Oculus Quest 2 vs Meta Quest Pro: which Meta VR headset is the best for you?

The world of VR is lousier with headsets than it was a few years ago, with Meta now offering two similar but very different options with its Meta Quest Pro and Oculus Quest 2 (now officially known as the Meta Quest 2).

Both headsets run on the same Quest platform – giving you access to a bevy of excellent apps and many of the best VR games out there – plus, both devices are standalone (meaning you won’t need to tether them to a PC or a console like the Valve Index or PSVR 2). But the Quest Pro has a few technical upgrades with better specs and new features like eye-tracking and improved mixed reality – however, these come at a higher cost.

So which device is better for you? We’re here with our Oculus Quest 2 vs Meta Quest Pro guide to help answer that very question. For a more in-depth look at each headset be sure to check out our Oculus Quest 2 review as well as our Meta Quest Pro review.