Teams Introduces Immersive Spaces for Meetings

Teams is introducing immersive spaces, allowing users to make meetings more engaging by injecting “a sense of natural co-presence”.

The offering was announced as part of Microsoft’s Build update. Powered by Mesh, Microsoft’s holographic virtual collaboration platform, users can access the immersive spaces feature through either a PC or VR headset. Users can connect with other participants regardless of whether they join a Teams meeting using video, as a virtual avatar or in the immersive space directly.

The intention behind immersive spaces is to mimic many elements of real-life interactions. These include the ability to walk over to a group of people a user might want to catch up with or to wave at other users in the meeting room.

The feature can also be combined with spatial audio. In that case, users can experience an authentic-sounding general dialogue with multiple conversations, or a brief side chat can occur without interrupting the central discussion.

The feature will launch in private preview next week.