Augments are the most interesting new feature of Meta Quest 3

Meta announced Augments at the Meta Connect 2023 conference. Augments are interactive, spatially aware digital objects that are persistently anchored in your physical space. Meta describes the mixed reality feature as follows:

“Imagine hanging your favorite piece of art on an accent wall or a weather augment on your desk that alerts you before rain starts—and every time you put on your headset, these digital objects appear in the same places. You’ll be able to customize your space with augments like Instagram Reels, frames on your wall that show photos or videos from Facebook or Instagram, and portals that let you quickly jump back into your favorite immersive VR games.”

Meta also has plans for branded augments such as an iHeartRadio music player, Beat Saber trophies, a portal for the Supernatural fitness app, and more. Augments will launch in 2024.

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