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The last of the Templars will have to traverse the secret labyrinths avoiding obstacles and capturing all the rings to access the puzzle rooms. Choose game levels Listen to the level description Solve puzzles to access the labyrinth and collect the Templar ring Defeat enemies and capture the Templar’s ring…


A normal chessboard but with an innovative feature: you can play by watching the holograms of your opponent’s pieces. Choose whether you want to play against artificial intelligence or challenge a friend remotely. Start the game using your Quest in mixed reality mode. Load a game that you had started.


Timeboom is a toy but also a meta quest app. The toy shown in the photo is suitable for children and allows them to learn multiplication tables while having fun. Children use the sponge bomb by throwing it when they hear the sound and have to type in the result…

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Culture, entertainment, sport, intelligence. Our games combine all these elements.

Our GOAL is to make games with heart and soul, games that are remarkable and emotionally impactful with a focus on the future of XR.


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